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Machinist Technician

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Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Job Title: Machinist Technician                                                   Job Number: 681

Reports to:  Manufacturing Supervisor                                      Wage Group: 50


Job Summary

Make all set ups, maintain set ups and operate machines such as: CNC turning machines with cross-machining and accessory equipment, CNC Milling machines and accessory equipment, lathes, mills, grinders, hole boring machines, gear hobbing and shaping machines, engraving, burnishing, and lapping machines, drill press including accessories to the equipment, i.e., tapping heads and multiple drill heads.

Use various hand tools and power driven brushing and polishing equipment to remove burrs from parts to close tolerances. Measure and cut raw materials (stock) to specified lengths for production, identify and stock material in designated areas. Maintain and dispense a variety of tooling and supply items from the tool crib. Clean and treat various parts and materials in proper chemicals for controlled cycles for surface finish. This includes alodine/irridite touch-up. Perform a variety of operations for heat treatment on materials for purposes of hardening, annealing and stress relief.



  • Set up, maintain set up and operate above described machines to produce parts for production assemblies from documents such as CNC programs, production routings, blueprints and specific verbal and written instructions.
  • Inspect representative first run parts for compliance with print specifications on dimensional tolerances and surface finishes.
  • Make modification to program when required.
  • Run multiple machines and deburr the parts presently working on as required by the production routing, when the cycle time allows.
  • Perform inspection as required to in-process material.
  • Similar or less skilled work within classification as required.
  • Perform all types of drilling, pinning, reaming, counter boring, tapping, tumbling, sand blasting, vibratory finishing, and alodine / irridite touch-up operations on piece parts for product assemblies using documents such as blueprints, production routings, specific written instructions and verbal instructions. Make adjustment to solutions as required to correct variations in quality.
  • Prepare materials and parts for surface treating.
  • Mix and change solutions as required.
  • Perform deburring and polishing using documents such as production routings, blueprints and specific written instructions and verbal instructions.
  • Keep records as required; maintain parts and paperwork on several jobs simultaneously so that they do not become mixed.
  • Fills raw material requisitions from proper lot of materials.
  • Repackage, identify and store raw materials in proper locations.
  • Maintain maximum/minimum inventory records for raw material. Notify Supervisor when minimum figure is reached.
  • Set-up and maintain tool department and inventory records.



  • Must be able to perform all job duties under minimum supervision.
  • Ability to set up and use all special dimensional gauging and measurement equipment.
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, drawings and process routings.
  • Ability to edit and modify CNC programs.
  • Must have knowledge of machine speed and feed.
  • Ability to read and interpret various documents such as blueprints, sketches, production routings and written instructions.
  • Must have prior knowledge and experience in the operation of CNC equipment.
  • Ability to set up and use special dimensional gauging and measuring equipment.
  • Ability to make and maintain complex set ups.
  • Ability to use Master Cam and other software.
  • Prior experience in metal working machine operation.
  • Ability to weigh, measure and evaluate chemical solutions and materials used in processes.
  • Some knowledge of chemical properties of materials.
  • Knowledge of chemical emergency procedures.
  • Knowledge of operation of equipment such as sand blasting, tumbling machines as well as polisher mediums and their applications.
  • Requires good manual dexterity.
  • Ability to operate cutting equipment.
  • Knowledge of raw materials used in job classifications.
  • Knowledge of raw material measurements.
  • Knowledge of shop math.
  • New employees must attain satisfactory proficiency in three months.



  • Indoor work – air conditioned
  • Required to wear company provided personal protection equipment.
  • Exposure to cutting fluids, grease, oil and solvents
  • Exposure to high speed moving machinery
  • Exposure to sharp machine tools
  • Moderate noise level
  • Exposure to metal chips and trimmings
  • Finger dexterity to operate controls and perform adjustment tasks
  • Little heavy lifting
  • May require prolonged sitting or standing
  • Exposure to various corrosive chemicals (personal protection equipment available)
  • Exposure to chemical fumes (personal protection equipment available)
  • Exposure to polishing mediums
  • Close manual and visual work
  • Exposure to cleaning and part washing chemicals
  • Uses optical aids such as microscopes and magnifiers
  • Exposure to metal and abrasive tool dust


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