Illuminated Panel & Keyboard Systems

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Lighted Panel and Switch Legends

  • Compliance with MIL‐DTL‐7788 and NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) MIL‐STD 3009
  • Lighting options ‐ LED, Incandescent, and Electroluminescent

Panel Envelope

  • Designed for DZUS rail compatibility and MS25212 compliance
  • Thin profile and light weight design

Split Legend Lighting

  • A combination of backlit legends, annunciated legends, and indicators can be incorporated into a single push button switch

Panel and Switch Annunciator Options

  • Legend / Character
  • Indicators
  • Dead front, when in high ambient light conditions
  • NVIS compatible and compliant
  • Lighting methods – LED and incandescent

Custom or standard, multi‐feature potentiometers, rotary switches, encoders, toggle switches, pull switches, and push‐to‐talk switches

  • Features – stops, detents, absolute / relative encoders, continuous turn, momentary push switch, illuminated knobs

Display Integration – LCD & LED

On‐board Electronics

  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for LED dimming control
  • PLD (Programmable Logic Device) and A to D conversion for matching LED dimming to incandescent dimming
  • Communications Protocol
  • Communications Protocol – including ARNIC 429, RS‐232, RS‐422 and / or customer defined

Designed to meet Environmental and EMI requirements; including MIL‐STD‐810, MIL‐STD‐461, RTCA/DO‐160

Testing Capabilities

  • Photometric – Luminance, contrast, chromaticity, uniformity
  • NVIS – On‐site spectroradiometer for full NVIS compliant testing
  • Dead front, when in high ambient light conditions
  • First Article and Qualification testing – Bowmar has the ability to create test procedures, perform the tests, and submit comprehensive test reports